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Holy SHIT I found the funniest thing in my life. Seriously. No joke.

I was surfing through the Pit of Voles(TM) and I stumbled across this.

Title: Harry's Song

Author: Ren

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I didn't write Harry Potter, he belongs to an old English lady who doesn't like to share. Back Street Boys own the song "Anywhere For You" and yes I already know everyone hates them and they stink, but the song works.

Summary: Harry sings a song to the person he loves...

Harry could feel the potion start to work on his body...his hands clenched and his brow furrowed in concentration. He knew from the moment he tasted it that his plan might backfire, and that all he had worked for might be lost. As the potion worked its magic Harry felt all his fear disappear. It was a confidence potion; brewed by one of the best witches Hogwarts School had ever seen- Hormone Granger one of Harry's best friends and confidants.

What Harry didn't know was that Hermione had made the potion stronger than he intended it to be. She was sick of having to hear him whine and mope around because he was too shy to tell the person he was in love with that he wanted to be with them. She purposely brewed the potion so that when Harry carried out hi9s plan to tell the person, he would lose all inhibition, and tell his true feelings.

Harry walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast, as prior planned. Ron would be his wingman of sorts. Taking care of the distractions so that Harry could corner his object of affection and ask them out on a casual date. His heart pounding and the potion clouding his mind Harry walked up to Ron and gave him the signal. It was time for the "Plan" to commence.

“Troll in the dungeons!” Ron screamed at the top of his lungs. Hermione backed him up by running out of the hall and screaming bloody murder. Harry stealthily snuck around the Ravenclaw table heading for the person that he dreamed about each night. All of a sudden Harry felt a strange sensation fall over him, he was no longer worried about rejection or being laughed at. All he cared about was professing his love for who he believed to be his soul mate. Harry waved his wand around his head and the Great Hall filled with music.

A slow beat filled the air and the students stopped running for the doors and the teachers stopped deducting house points to listen to the music coming from the corner of the room. Harry smiled a slow lazy smile as he gazed upon his love. He opened his heart and began to sing, the words coming from somewhere deep inside him.

I'd go anywhere for you Anywhere you asked me to I'd do anything for you Anything you want me to

I'd walk halfway around the world For just one kiss from you Far beyond the call of love The sun, the stars, the moon As long as your love's there to lead me I won't lose my way believe me Even through the darkest night you know

[Chorus:] I'd go anywhere for you Anywhere you asked me to I'd do anything for you Anything you want me to Your love as far as I can see Is all I'm ever gonna need There's one thing for sure I know it's true Baby, I'd go anywhere for you

I used to think that dreams were just For sentimental fools And I'd never find someone Who'd give their love so true But I knew the very minute Couldn't live my life without you in it And now I want the whole world To know


I Love You Draco!

Oh dear me. That had me crackin' up... let me tell you.

I really love some people for being idiots. >D!

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