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How I love

We at MS_Hotline (which has been around for longer than a year and has had updates, but nothing worth while, and have all been deleted,) have finally decided to perk up and jump on the bandwagon. (Most of this inspiration comes from our lovely dear friend antipottersues.)

At any rate, we've been keeping track of other sues journals and, hey, why not add in a little of our own?

We'd like to thank the lot of you at Sue Icons for posting... well, nice icons. Especially that Pottersues one. We'd love to be a minion >D! Until we can get relatively good graphics creating programs, we're sticking with the icons that we've found there (posted with credit in keywords, mind,) and we hope that you don't mind.

Without further delay, here's your lovely sue for the day!

Fic Name: Antigone
Author: Chelleybean

Rating: Preeeeeetty bad. (No graphics yet)

THE SUE: “Who am I? Professor, don’t you know me? I’m Antigone… Antigone Snape.”
HAIR: Silky, ginger brown hair cut in a simple style that just brushed her shoulders.
EYES: Eyes that were perhaps a bit too wide but his own jet black in color
FULL DESCRIPTION: She was tall for her apparent age, and lean in build, with his high cheekbones but the nose was far smaller. There were parts of him in her, to be sure, or at least parts that looked like him, but they were blended with someone else.

ORIGIN: Comes back, by accident, from the future (2013, to be exact.) That's right, 'cause travelling back in time is just so easy, espcially with a timeturner - even though timeturners have that thing where you can only travel back a certain amount of hours? I think she missed that information and little rule. Is also the daughter of Hermione Granger and Severus Snape.
CONNECTION WITH CANON: Calls Harry "Uncle Harry," is on a first name basis with the teachers... so on, so fourth.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: When Antigone is in 2013, she's in Gryffindor. When she comes back, she gets placed in Slytherin, because her 'papa' has a fit. For some reason, Antigone doesn't want to be in Slytherin and has an argument with the sorting hat. Oh, and Lucius wants her to become betrothed to Draco, and Draco is just plain smitten with her, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with him... yada yada.

Read it here at the Pit of Voles.
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